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semi automatic sealing machine
plastic tubes fill and sealing machine semi auto food cream lotion filling sealing equip cosmetic

The filling and sealing machine is used mainly to fill liquid material into various kinds of tubes like plastic laminated or aluminum ones with fixed quantity and seal the tube .
It is widely used for the packing of products of pharmaceutical, foods, and chemical industry .
Working process:

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Manually put the metal tubes into the tube-holding base. Change angular potion of each tube by means of mechanical transmission. Photoelectric device is used to  detect the position of tube and if there is any tube in right position, the  filling system starts to fill the tube with fixed quantity. The tube will then be dual-sealed, and with a number printed on the surface the tube is finally ejected.
Features of tubes filler sealer equipment:
The machine, with a controllable filling volume or quantity, is featured with a reliable performance performance. The machine is suitable for the filling of metallic tubes of any type because the tube-holding base can be easily replaced in purpose. A perfected and reliable sealing can be reached. The parts which touches material is made of stainless steel.
Specification of filling sealing equipment:

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1. Power Supply: AC220V±10%  50HZ ;
2. Work  Temp:  5-50¡æ ;
3. Filling Quantity:  5-30  5-75  30-150g  100-200(g) ;
4. Quantity Error:  less than 2% ;
5. Motor power:  0.75~1.1kw;
6. Compressed Air :pressure0.6~0.7Mpa  Volume: 0.2m³/min;
7. Capacity: 10~50tube/min(adjustable);
8. Dimension: 1500mm×1200mm×1700mm;
9. Weight:  300kg
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