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cups sealing machine
cups bottles aluminum foil sealing machine semi automatic rotary sealer equipment with manual containers feeding system

rotary bottle aluminum foil sealing machine manual feeding system semi automatic alum foil sealer
 Auto Rotary Sealing Machine  YX-85. Auto Rotary Sealing Machine
Suitable for beverages, Pudding, Jelly, Fast-food, Snacks, Various prepared foods for microwave, Seasoned frozen food,Pickled foods, Sea food and processed agricultural products, etc. Which load into the cup and tray.
Sealable material: PP, PE, PS, PET, HDPE, EPS, PSP, Aluminum foil, Paper box, etc.
For smaller working space but higher capacity.

aluminum foil sealing machine.jpg

PLC with Index Gear Conveyor, Inverter Speed Control and Touch Screen Operation.
Stainless Steel frame and Anodized Aluminum.
Three models for Film Feeding : Sensor, Encoder, Timer. Available for Colorful & Blank film.
Sealing and Boarded Cutting (Profile cut).
Functions additional as continuous model.
Interchangeable sealing tool(Sealing and base mould).
Smaller body but supply large capacity.
Auto Tray Drop.
Gas Flushing (MAP): For YX-80 only.
Inside cutting.
Auto Filling: Liquid, Heavy liquid or solid products.
Pre-cut Lid application.
Product Output Discharger.
Lid Capping.
Changeable Mould for sealing tool.
Date Printer/Coder (Hot ink manual, Times Roman 12 font, 5 rows x 9 alphanumeric lines)
Main technical parameters of cups bottles sealing machine aluminum foil sealer:

cups and foil 1.jpg

Host Cooling: water cooling + air cooling
Output Power: 2000W
Sensor Cooling: water cooling + air cooling
Input voltage: 220/380V
oscillation components: IGBT / MOS-FET
Maximum current: 15A
RF Frequency: 60-80 KHz
Suitable diameter: 40-90mm
host size: 600 × 420 × 1200mm
Sealing speed: 0-250 bottles / min
Dimension: 1500 × 430 × 1200mm

sealing samples from table top big plastic jar aluminum foil

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